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Method of Cleaning – Hot Water Extraction (or more commonly known as STEAM EXTRACTION)

What you can expect from our Carpet Care 10 Step Service:

Step 1.) Carpet Pre-Inspection: We will do a complete walk-through to inspect your carpet for: fiber type / age of carpet / heavily worn high traffic lanes / soil spots / and any other areas of concern that you may have. Additional services such as applying a "carpet protector" are also offered at this time. Expectations will be discussed and a price solidified. There will never be an up-charge
from the quoted price! Just like you…we DON'T like surprises.

Step 2.) Vacuum: We vacuum your entire rug using a commercial quality vacuum with a HEPA filter. This will actually remove a large portion of dry soil from the carpet.

Step 3.) Furniture Removal: The quoted price will include moving small tables and chairs, sofas, and some beds. Common sense will be applied. If needed, larger and heavier items will cost extra to move. This will all be in the quoted price.

Step 4.) Pre-Spray: An environmentally friendly solution will be applied to the carpet or rug. This will emulsify the soil from the fibers to aid in the cleaning process.

Step 5.) Pre-Spot: Any identified spots are sprayed to aid in removal.

Step 6.) Hot Water Extraction (Steam Extraction): At this point it is time for the soils to be removed from your carpet. For this, White Leaf employs HydraMaster Technology. A 21 horsepower high heat, high vacuum system attached to a HydraMaster RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor. The RX-20 skids rotate at 130 RPMs creating 650 cleaning passes per minute. A mild environmentally safe solution is mixed with warm water during this process. The RX-20 scrubs and fluffs the carpet fibers from all sides. It's five vacuum slots lifts most of the water and cleaner out of the carpet and back to a waste tank located on the truck. The RX-20 is an aggressive and restorative tool specifically designed for newer generation carpets and older more worn carpets. In many cases our truck mounted unit will actually remove detergent from previous cleanings! The RX-20 is what sets White Leaf apart from using a standard "carpet wand". The only time a carpet wand is used is for corners, sides and stairs.

Step 7.) Post-Inspection: This is where we check the results and look for any spots that may remain. A targeted treatment would then be applied to help remedy any remaining issue.

Step 8.) Post Grooming: A carpet rake will be used to get the fibers to stand up to expedite drying time and display a more uniformed appearance.

Step 9.) Post Dry: White Leaf always uses large air movers and dryers to pull the air down and disperse it across the entire carpet to accelerate drying time. Carpets are usually dry within 2 hours.

Step 10.) Walk Through: Technician and client will walk through to assure client's complete satisfaction.

White Leaf understands the difference between commercial and residential carpet needs. That is why we use an Encapsulation Method for our commercial clients. This method of cleaning is perfect for large, commercial carpets and is exactly the right service for areas that need to be dry within one hour. Our Cimex Rotary machine uses a special on board solution that sprays the carpet and churns it to release the dirt and soil actually crystallizing the debris for better removal. The crystallized residue is then vacuumed up with a commercial HEPA vacuum. This type of cleaning is referred to as "maintenance cleaning" and we work with our commercial clients to implement a schedule that ensures maximum results.

White Leaf prefers NOT to use masking agents to hide difficult odors. In many cases we can apply an enzyme to neutralize the problem area. Enzymes can target organic odors such as urine, decayed milk and vomit and in many cases eliminate the odor. (Note: some pet odors require a subsurface procedure using a "water claw" and neutralizer bath to remove the prominent odor.)

Difficult spots can be treated with the appropriate solution to help remove any unsightly spots. In truth, it would be false advertising if we told our clients that we could remove EVERY spot imaginable. We will, however, do our utmost to alleviate the problem. We are proud to report that in most cases we "WIN the battle"!
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